Working With A Pro Is The Way To Go

When it comes to anything related to business, you want to work with a professional. This is also true when it comes to real estate.

So if you ever find yourself looking for a real estate agent, it is time to start doing some research.

Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kotton Grammer, and I own a digital marketing agency.

I have prided myself on being the best in the world at SEO.

I wouldn’t say this lightly. I say this because I have the results to prove it. Why am I telling you this? You want to make sure that any agent or broker you work with has the results to show that they are a true professional.

So when you speak with potential agents, ask for a list of closings, what their time on market was, what type of marketing they do for each property, how many listings they currently have, and what kind of properties they typically sell.

Also, ask if they will create a virtual tour of your property. This is a relatively new marketing technique but can lead to more potential buyers and a lot fewer tire kickers.

If the agent or agents pass all of these questions, that is an excellent sign that you can move forward with working with them.

You can also ask if they use any type of SEO for individual properties. I bring this up as my business is built around SEO and I have seen the results of good rankings.

If they don’t incorporate SEO in any of their marketing plans, you can refer them to my agency Kotton Grammer Internet Media.

Yes, I know that is a horrible plug, but I am a marketer after all!

I hope this was helpful and if you want to watch one of the honest reviews about my agency and me, I have attached a testimonial video of a happy customer of mine.


Resources To Find Your Dream Property

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